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Is it time for your employees' mandatory healthcare training?

How to Get High-Quality Training for Your Healthcare Employees

Give Your Employees Mandatory Healthcare Training at Their Own Pace and Free Time

Is it time for your nurses, midwives, and doctors to attend mandatory healthcare training?

Chances are, you can’t afford to let them attend training during work hours. If you do, you leave
patients suffering and other employees under immense pressure. If they don’t get the training, they will be removed from the NHS register.

You’ve tried to look for training programs that you can trust and that meet your time demands.

It’s not your fault.

Healthcare professionals today are required to work for more hours with financial incentives. Nurses who pick up extra shifts receive financial incentives. With the increased amount of work, caregivers devote less time to each patient and have less time to receive mandatory training.

At Streamline Solutions, we provide mandatory training through a dedicated portal. We also offer practical training at our training centers through our approved trainers around the country.


How We Help You Quickly Achieve Results

We have designed Streamline Solutions portal in such a way that if you register and start now, your candidates will get care certificates, attend an HCA study day, receive manual handling and basic life support training at their own pace.

We understand the benefits of e-learning: Our platform creates flexibility and ensures that learning is more accessible and not overlooked. Streamline Solutions is compliant with and committed to continual professional development.

We meet your needs from both an organizational and individual perspective and our offering is cost-effective.


Imagine How Bright Your Future Looks with Streamline Solutions

Take a minute and imagine the following:

Imagine what it would be like for your employees to access training on the go, see their training progress report, access their courses from anywhere in the world and receive training reminders. That would truly be the one-stop-shop for your organization’s training needs.

Imagine what it would be like to get real-time notifications, candidate progress tracking, and a robust training matrix reporting system. Imagine if you could assign multiple consultants to each of your candidates.

Why Choose Streamline Solutions?

We at Streamline Solutions offer a complete solution for your mandatory and specialist medical training needs. We have a modern platform with advanced user experience to make training for your
candidates as comfortable as possible.

Our courses are high-quality and are aligned with Skills for Health.

We give you an all-round solution for your training needs. We have training packages and individual training programs focused on specific training modules. We are dependable, professional, efficient, approachable, committed and human.

How You Benefit by Using Streamline Solutions Platform


The Streamline Solutions portal is affordable. We allow you to pay as you go during your candidates’ training. We are transparent and have no hidden fees. Our pay as you go model gives you peace of mind.


You get a personalized system. When you sign up for the portal, you gain access to a training portal in which you can manage candidates and account data.


Streamline Solutions is designed for easy reporting. You have access to your candidates’ training reports. Our portal allows you to either select or customize courses based on what is on offer and your candidates’ needs.


We offer you free round-the-clock consultation. Our team is always available in case of any questions or problems. You can reach us through phone, or by live chat based on what you are comfortable with.

Here’s what you get

We offer your candidates at least 37 mandatory courses, which give them knowledge on the latest research in patient care and progress in diseases like diabetes and cancer.

Our instructors are certified by the NHS. You can rely on the fact that your candidates will receive training from the best minds in the field. Your candidates receive the latest knowledge and skills from cutting-edge medical research.

The Streamline Solutions gives your candidates access to books, research papers, slideshows, course curricula, and video resources. Consuming the knowledge in these resources gives them a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

We mainly offer online training because we understand the convenience this gives your candidate’s and institution. We understand that in our industry, professionals can be quickly pulled away when emergencies arise. E-learning does not lock you out like in a classroom.

And It Wouldn’t Be Complete Without the Following Bonuses

  • We give you the ability to categorize courses based on whether the candidate is a nurse, HCA, or a doctor.
  • Our portal lets you personalize courses based on the skills the candidates offer in the organization.
  • Streamline Solutions portal lets you see the progress made by your candidates and be notified when they complete the course.
  • We allow you to see certificates earned by your employees. Trainees have to take quizzes before completing courses. Our portal allows you to set a certain percentage point required to pass the course.
  • We understand that you want the training to reflect your organization to give candidates a sense of belonging. As such, we allow you to personalize the Streamline Solutions portal so that it reflects your organization’s name and logo.
  • After investing in online training, we know that employee commitment is important. That is why our portal allows you to see the time that candidates have spent on each course. If it is a video, they have to watch the whole video before moving to the next stage.
  • We also understand that you don’t want employees to remain forever on one course. We allow you to set a maximum time limit for your courses, such that after starting the course, students would have to complete it by a certain time. Otherwise, it expires.
Set up cost
£1450 plus VAT


  • Setup of your portal
  • Personalised certificates
  • Setup of admin users

Portal Usage Cost

£15 per user for all mandatory topics

Other Training

Any other training may be negotiated per client needs

Setup of admin users

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